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Fit And Dedicated said:

I don’t encourage my clients to rely on the scale to track their progress.

So let’s talk about how to stay accountable to yourself and your goals, and more importantly how do you track your weekly progress if not relying on a scale. —

I am a huge advocate of using progress photos and measurements >
Weight and I’m going to tell you why.

Weight is not the most important indicator of someone’s health, or their level of fitness.
Body composition (muscle to fat ratio) is much more vital in my opinion than just the # on the scale.
And when tracking progress I always recommend using multiple tracking tools and staying consistent with such. —

@piebybagellabs is a SMART tape measure that records your measurements weekly in an app and is easily track able for your goals.
Whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain muscle, maintain etc the goal should be to stay consistent and accountable while working on yourself.

If you are interested In trying it out check out the link in my bio and use code “DEDICATED” to save $15 off of your purchase and to see for yourself!
How do you track your progress?
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