World’s First Perfect-Fit Jeans with Smart Tape Measure

World’s First Perfect-Fit Jeans with Smart Tape Measure
We are taking PIE to the next level with "Bagel Labs Tailored Jeans" 
Jeans for you by you.

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Finding jeans that fit is a struggle we’ve all faced. Sometimes the inseam is too long, the waistband is too loose, the thigh is too tight…the list goes on and on. Simply selecting a size is a gamble. Depending on the jeans’ brand or country where they are made, “sizes” vary greatly.

Meet PIE: the world’s first smart digital tape measure. After launching a successful Kickstarter in 2018, Bagel Labs is partnering with a luxury jean clothier in Japan to make perfect-fit jeans based off crazy-accurate digital measurements...and all from the comfort of your own home. Comfortable. Stylish. Perfectly personalized.

If your not a pie owner no problem. 

Come join as we introduce "Bagel Labs Tailored Jeans" into the world!

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